Hampstead Heath

LONDON – Sometimes sunshine can be so rare in London. Lately there has been a lot of rain although it hasn’t been too bad in my area. I do think that London feels more like London when its rainy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the weekend there was a fair bit of blue sky so I took Bus 46 all the way to Hampstead Heath.


It’s a park that stretches across 791 acres of woodland. It’s rugged and windswept. There are paths and several swimming ponds.


I took a path to the nearest pond and fed the ducks and birds my leftover bread. They weren’t shy. In fact, it quickly started to feel like a scene from The Birds. The white ones (not sure what their breed is) got really brave as they flew up and hovered in the air less than a metre from my face catching the bread before it landed. In a way it was impressive. But as more and more of them came, and they competed with each other for my old bread, I decided to take a step back and headed up a small hill.


There were lots of people in the park today. Couples and plenty of families. It was nice to see kids get excited about being outdoors as they balanced on the fallen branches and kicked the dead leaves.

Some other great parks in London that are great to explore:

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Lost: Summer

LONDON – For the past two days I’ve been feeling so down. Really down. I realised at work today it must be S.A.D. (Season affect disorder). It’s when the sun disappears and your happiness just goes away. That’s how it’s been these past two days. Just down in the dumps…

The only thing that’s cheered me up is talking to some positive friends and looking at photos of sunny days I knew this Summer.

Amazing colours!

I love this green…

If I can make it to March next year, I’ll be fine. January and February are always the worst times of year up North. Thank goodness Summer always comes back.┬áIs anyone else feeling down in London?