Photo sampler: London’s Christmas

LONDON Some random photos of Christmas in London.


I couldn’t resist

LONDON – I know. It’s wrong. It’s very wrong. Department stores just couldn’t wait to flog their Christmas wares in front of us. I admit it annoys me because I know that it’s all about profit and has nothing to do with Christianity. Harrods actually sells Christmas goods year round as tourists like to stock up whenever they are in London.

Liberty of London had their Christmas Shop ready in September. I know. I was there. And I loved it. I’m always the first to turn my nose up at such things but I just got excited as I saw all the pretty ornaments on show. The lights were twinkling, Bing Cosby was singing and it was festive. I couldn’t help but be seduced. I even took a few snaps.  

Anyway, I promise not to talk about Christmas till very near the holiday season. Do you have plans yet for the holidays? OK, I know, too soon to discuss.