Window displays in London

LONDON – I wondered around the busy streets of central London this past weekend and stumbled upon a very expensive part of town, New Bond Street and its surrounds. I find expensive shops that cater to the über rich intimidating. Perhaps it has to do with the security guard who is standing by the door on the inside or outside without a smile on his face. He’s big, tall and intimidating. They all seem to have one. I don’t ever enter these shops, but I do press my nose up against the window. I find the window displays purposefully enticing. There is so much here in London that invites you to come inside and see and then spend.

One window display that was so beautiful was this one for Asprey. It had so much attention to detail and the colours were so warm.

Louis Vuitton offered something bold and edgy.

We were all intrigued by this woman. She looked so real and life-like that we got closer and closer to the window to make sure she wasn’t real.

But sometimes the simplest window display ideas are just as striking. An art gallery had this simple flower arrangement in its window.

This window display is plain but I love the elegant faces and chic hats.

I look forward to Christmas time when the shops will go all out to get us to part with our cash…What’s the best window display you’ve seen lately?

This is the place, St. Christopher’s Place

LONDON – When you stumble upon something that’s interesting and exciting, you want to share it with others. That’s how I feel about this place. Few have heard of it but it’s a little gem hidden away from most eyes just off of busy Oxford Street. It’s called St. Christopher’s Place.

Find what you’re not looking for

It was by luck that I found it. In fact most people will walk right past it on any given day. That’s because the entrance, which is between the H&M and O2 shops, is nondescript and probably only a metre wide. But as soon as you pass through, you get that feeling that you’re on to something cool.

This cobble stone pedestrian lane (postcode: W1U 1LT) which makes up St. Christopher’s Place, stretches between two streets, Oxford and Wigmore, and includes a series of  restaurants to temp your wallet as well as a mini piazza where you can sit and people watch. And then there are the boutique shops, as well as the typical ones you would find on the high street, which together gives this lane a bit more flavour.

Here are some of my favourites that had me at hello.

Do you want to explore St. Christopher’s Place more? Well, keep a look out for upcoming posts about some amazing shops in this lane.