Public footpaths

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND – Exploring has its rewards…

Twyford 1 Berries Twyford walk Horse Twyford walk 4 Twyford walk3 Twyford walk 5I took a public footpath for the first time and discovered some beautiful areas outside of London. The 8km circular path winded around a pretty part of England and took me along a railroad track, a wood, lead to a discovery of a wild rabbit with no eyes, a pretty home, a large manor house, plenty of sheep and long, brown empty fields. 

What does rabbit taste like?

LONDON – What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Borough market? It’s a phenomenal, tourist-packed food market that never fails to deliver some of the best foods from around Britain and the world to the heart of London. It’s not just for amateur cooks like you and I, but a good many professional chefs hob nob here in order to source great ingredients for their culinary dishes. So as you walk around Borough, you feel like you’re in the right place.

On a whim I headed there this Easter weekend and it was nuts. Wall-to-wall people who were on the look out for great food. Well, we all found it.


Lately, I’ve become obsessed with tomatoes and I particularly love roasting them in the oven with olive oil and rosemary. There was this enormous table of tomatoes from around the world with some unusual shapes and colours that I ogled.

What’s not to love about cheese? There was plenty to choose from. One of the things that I liked about the market was that it felt that there was a lot of variety and few vendors mirroring each other. It increased the curiosity factor as  you waded through.

These hot cross buns looked amazing. Just perfect for the Easter weekend.

There were plenty of meat vendors too.

This one had a diverse offering. He sold venison and rabbit burgers.

“What does rabbit taste like,” I asked the butcher inquisitively. He laughed as did some people behind me. Had I asked the wrong question, I thought suddenly.

“What does rabbit taste like?” he repeated. And then I suddenly regretted asking the question because he didn’t hesitate to give me the chicken line. You know the one.

“Oh, tastes like chicken,” he said with a laugh. I faked a smile back but I was annoyed. I mean come on. What does rabbit taste like? Simple question. I kept on looking at him, hoping for an answer and he finally said: “Rabbit is a lot like chicken. And it’s a lot like beef. So, it’s somewhere in between chicken and beef.” And after hearing his final answer, I smiled, said thanks, and moved on.

I didn’t purchase any meat, but instead made my way to a favourite food group…cakes. The first time I headed to Borough market I was so impressed by the cake selections. Today they were selling fast.

I bought this carrot cake with lemon & mascarpone cheese icing from a vender called Cakehole. I’m a bit of a cake snob. I like cakes to be moist and generously iced. This cake was phenomenal! Didn’t waste a crumb…



I’ll be sure to head to Borough market again soon. Perhaps when there are fewer crowds. They didn’t have any this time, but I’m hoping I can buy some ostrich burgers at my next visit.