Yoor not Banksey

LONDON – Here are some photos of what’s caught my eye in London lately.

Last night I walked with a friend to St. Katherine’s Docks where the Danish hospitality house had been set up a  for the Olympics. To be honest, it didn’t seem like much of a party so we left as soon as we arrived, but not before I took this shot.

I thought this was funny. It’s down the road from me on the way to church. Particularly enjoyed the spelling error…yoor or you’re!

I love the colours in this piece of timber by St. Katherine’s Dock.

In Victoria Park village, two guys are selling these shirts and hoodies. If you look at the mannequin against the wall, the shirt says ‘1220 LYMP OICS’. The guys said that this is there way of protesting the draconian restrictions on using the Olympic logo.

Ahh…me and my public clocks. This one is in Victoria Park Village.

Show me the money

CANARY WHARF – It didn’t take long for the moneyed people to come to town. With the Olympics here, such events attract people from the upper echelons of society. As a result, we’ve had a few yachts sail in. They’re mostly docked in Canary Wharf, a short walk away. So I strolled over there and took a look for myself to see how the other half lives.

I can report, that they live very well.

Here is what Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, uses for his coast to coast travels.

It’s called the Octopus and comes with rooftop jacuzzis, blacked out windows and swimming pools.

Apparently, the Germans don’t like British hotels, so they are staying on their very own cruise ship.

And the Danish Royals also brought a barge called the Dannebrog.

Daily mooring rates cost between $3000 to $9000 during the Olympics. Small change for these guys.

Yes, the yacht life is the good life…

The day the world came to London

LONDON – After taking my Sunday nap, I awoke to find that the sun was still shining here in London. It was a miracle. I’m told, now that it’s past mid-July, that Summer is actually here. It’s about bloody time.

It would have been criminal to stay indoors so I left my apartment, got on the DLR and headed to Tower Hill Station. I wanted to wonder around and see what was happening in a different neck of the woods. With camera in hand, I left the station and looked straight ahead. There in front of me was Tower Bridge. It’s magnificent and a beautiful, solid structure that’s an iconic landmark of London.

I crossed the street and headed straight for it. But it seemed so many people had the same idea because there were thousands upon thousands of tourists crossing the bridge. The world had indeed come to London. I hesitated for a second, the crowds were off putting. But I decided to soldier on because, well, I was already here and there was no point in going home just then.

Then something out of the blue started to happen. I began to sing the smurf song.

Far very far from here, some 2000 miles away, that’s where they live and where the play…blah blah blah…they do their things the smurfy way. But there’s danger there, lurking everywhere because Gargamel will catch them if he can…

Did I just give my age away? Anyway, dear reader, it struck me as odd that I would be singing a song from my childhood. I don’t sing this song ever. So I asked myself, why am I singing the smurf theme song. Answer: because so many of the metal parts of Tower Bridge are painted smurf blue. Clearly, my brain, associated the colour with the smurfs and triggered the song.

Anyway, forget the smurfs, here are some photos of Tower Bridge.

Are you singing the smurf song now?