COVENT GARDEN, LONDON – A recent fundraising initiative for a children’s charity, Action for Children, saw Covent Garden covered in Easter eggs. Each one is completely different.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe display, which is attracting a large audience, is going to travel around the country and then finally they will be auctioned off.

See an egg that you’d like to bid for?

Easter egg collage2 Easter egg collag1

Do something different: take a hip hop class

LONDON I’ve quit the gym. Tomorrow is my last day and you won’t see me there. I was ‘attending’ for a few months at a good rate, but I Pineapple studios1noticed that I am so tired of inside work outs. I have been running for over a year  on my own and it’s been great. I am able to motivate myself to train for 10km runs but I do miss group stuff. When I arrived in London I played netball for a few seasons, but the last team I was with was so bad (we lost every single game), and I said, “time for something new”.

I stumbled upon Pineapple Studios during one of my wanderings in Covent Garden. Their clothing store was having a sale and I went inside to take a peek. A while later I found out that they offered dance classes too. So one Saturday I went to take a look at what Pineapple Studios was all about.

It’s a short walk away from Covent Garden tube station and is pretty easy to find. The system is quite simple. You can sign up for monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or annual membership rates. You can also just pay for a daily membership rate. On top of that you then pay for a dance class.

They offer a ton of different classes (jazz, ballroom, ballet etc.) and all people are welcome, however, classes are graded according to level e.g. beginner (me), intermediate and advanced etc. A lot of professional dancers come here and take classes too. It’s quite fun to watch them – very inspirational.

So I got a group of six friends to join me for a hip hop class at Pineapple. I was sure that the total would be £9 –  £2 for daily membership and £7 for the hip hop class. But we were all fooled. After 5pm the daily membership rate is £4, taking the total to £11 for one class! So be warned. It ain’t cheap.

The building inside is busy. There are lots of people coming and going and each time that I’ve gone, the classes have been full. If I have one criticism, it’s that the studio needs a refurbishment – could do with a spot of paint.

As soon as you enter the studio you make the payment (they have about 14 studios over a number of floors so expect to walk a lot up and down). And then you put your stuff at the back of the class (there are no lockers), find a spot (the studio was small so get there early), and then the teacher starts with stretching and before you know it you’re learning some new dance moves.

I have no coordination and no rhythm so this was a challenge for me. But it was fun to try something new and I would recommend you to go to Pineapple Studios at least once. I personally find it a bit expensive. But I would still like to go back!

Check out this short video of the hip hop teacher, Damilola, at Pineapple Studios with some students.

Quiet days in Covent Garden

COVENT GARDEN – The market in Covent Garden typically draws a crowd, though with the drop in temperature, many people stay at home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut cold weather or not, this group still played on. They’re a regular feature at the market, playing classical music, with some fun choreography thrown in too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA