I love to go a wandering…in cemetaries

HENLEY – Headed to Henley again this weekend because I just needed some space from London. I’ve been in the city a long time now and it’s always good to have a breather. I find the countryside in England wonderful, especially when it’s sunny. There wasn’t much sun today, but it was still beautiful. Here’s a quick visual recap off a short detour I took to a cemetary.

Beautiful, right? Have you found a cemetary that impresses you?

It’s a lovely day in Henley

HENLEY-ON-THAMES If you haven’t heard, we’ve had a good run of lovely weather in London. It’s been wall to wall sunshine for almost five days and I believe the temperature today is 26 C. We’re very grateful. So we’ve all come out of our boxes we call home and put on our summer favourites. A pair of shorts, a Summer top and flip-flops.  I skipped the sunblock as I think I could do with some colour. I know this because I’ve become so pale my make up doesn’t really match my skin any more…

But enough about that.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the city and so I snapped up the opportunity to head to Henley-on-Thames for some R and R in the countryside. It’s a short train journey away from Paddington that takes you to a lovely part of the country mostly famous for the regatta that is coming up soon. I’ll probably pop back down for that in a few weeks as it brings out the crowds, although mostly the posh ones.

My friend Bianca suggested that we take a walk along the Thames as it’s picturesque and tranquil. She was right. We left the small village and took to the path.

I was surprised to find that locals, i.e. the English, greeted us as we passed them by. That is unusual because they are typically not open to the idea of greeting complete strangers. They prefer a bit of distance. But perhaps today, the sunshine brought out something atavistic within them.

Take a look at some of the wonderful samplings of photos from the village and walk in the village surroundings.

Do you want to make a trip to Henley too?