Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

LONDON – I went to the Chelsea flower show earlier this year and it attracts exhibitors from all over the world. I was amazed at these plants that I saw on display. They definitely looked foreign to me.

Foreign looking, don’t you agree?

Taking in all the delights of the Chelsea Flower Show

LONDON – A few weeks ago, I headed to the Chelsea Flower show. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do (Bucket list). It’s a legendary flower show that attracts entrants from around the world and has become a must-do event for many royals and celebs. I had to go. No, not to see them (although I was looking), but to keep up with the posh set.

I headed on the Friday and almost immediately was confronted with massive crowds. I had no idea it would be that busy. I imagined we would all be gently walking around the grounds at a leisurely pace, pointing at a standout display, and commenting to a friend while we sipped champagne. Not so. This was serious crowd dramatics. The people, mostly seniors who read the Daily Telegraph, were packed in thick but we had one purpose Рsee it all in a handful of hours. Well, I tried, but was unsuccessful. I saw a lot, but missed a fair amount too. Still, it was impressive and you must go too.

This post and a few that will follow are all about the photos of the exhibits. So, take a look. The displays were amazing. I’m heading back next year.