Say happy birthday with flowers

LONDON – My friend surprised me with her birthday and I only found out because of Facebook. Whoops!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought I’d buy some flowers to wish her well. I picked these. I love the blue-purple colour in the white flower. Does anyone know the name of it? Please share if you do. I also bought us a pizza to share but my unpredictable oven overcooked it and what was meant to be a fun night in ended up being a tad embarrassing as dinner was reduced to burnt offerings. We managed to swallow a few bites though. Next time I’ll prepare better.

Lost: Summer

LONDON – For the past two days I’ve been feeling so down. Really down. I realised at work today it must be S.A.D. (Season affect disorder). It’s when the sun disappears and your happiness just goes away. That’s how it’s been these past two days. Just down in the dumps…

The only thing that’s cheered me up is talking to some positive friends and looking at photos of sunny days I knew this Summer.

Amazing colours!

I love this green…

If I can make it to March next year, I’ll be fine. January and February are always the worst times of year up North. Thank goodness Summer always comes back. Is anyone else feeling down in London?