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Property: Better homes than ours

LIMEHOUSE, LONDON – A few months ago I wrote about my new neighbourhood, Limehouse. I took a bunch of photos of the surrounding buildings that stood out to me and this one really caught people’s attention. Well, as I was surfing on my favourite property site,, as I often do, I found that there was an apartment for sale in the building.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed to find out that the building was not the home of a single owner but instead had been broken up into apartments. I often fantasise about living in someone elses home that’s better than mine, and this building was one of them. But I can’t quite afford the £1,5 million price tag. Sigh!

The inside is very modern and has clean lines. It’s bereft of furniture, but you can use your own imagination as to how you would fill it with your own things.

Here’s the kitchen. Simple and functional.

There are three bedrooms. They all seem to have exposed brick which I like.

Here’s the study. What do you think of all that wood panelling? Too much?

The bathroom looks good. I usually prefer less tiles, but this doesn’t look bad at all.

Here’s the lounge which seems to have a lot of space. And according to the listing  by Knight Frank there is 2111 square feet of space.

Here’s a hallway. It’s quite wide. I took a look at the floor plan and this area actually looks like wasted space. I would have extended the bedrooms more.

Here’s the other side of the building. It actually sits on the Thames River. But right underneath it there is a small beach where the tide washes in and out and when the tide is out, you see the river bed covered in litter. Doesn’t make for pretty viewing.

Still it’s a lovely building and the location is very good. You’re between the City of London and Canary Wharf, ideal for financial services people – probably the only ones who can afford this anyway.

If I had the money, I think I’d make an offer. What did you think of the inside of this building?