Walkie Talkie, Walkie Scorchie

CITY OF LONDON – So much talk these days about the Walkie Talkie building on Eastcheap.


Apparently the half-finished 37 storey building, dubbed the Walkie Talkie because of its concave shape, is reflecting light so severely that it actually melted part of a Jaguar and has also interfered with shops across the street by blistering their paintwork. The £200 million building, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, has now been renamed the Walkie Scorchie as temperatues from the beams heat up to 50 C.


I headed there after work today to find out what the fuss was all about but the sun was setting and so I saw no high power beam, just other City workers looking up at the intriguing building. The builders are yet to find a solution to the problem. Apparently the same architect caused a similar problem with the Vdara Hotel (dubbed the Death Ray Hotel) in Vegas. The Vdara Hotel solved the problem by installing anti-reflective film. Perhaps something similar will have to be done in London. I do like this  building though. I think the shape is pretty cool and for a new build, it’s my favourite in London. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Shard!



4 thoughts on “Walkie Talkie, Walkie Scorchie

    • LOL. I’m surprised more research wasn’t done to check the reflection. The only consolation we have here in London is knowing that summer is fleeting and typically its just a grey cloud that we live under.

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