Create your own hanging garden

LONDON – Part of the challenge of living in London is learning to live in smaller spaces. If you’re a green fingers, it’s not easy when your gardening pursuits are relegated to a few plants in the kitchen or a pot plant on the balcony. But you learn to roll with it.


I stumbled upon this really cool invention online a few days ago that makes use of dead space in rooms and I think it’s a clever way to get your gardening fix and display your plants. It’s called the Sky Planter and is made by Boskke.


It was designed by British designer, Patrick Morris and now that it’s getting national attention, the demand is exceeding the supply.


It’s quite simple. You put a ceramic water holder inside the pot and then place the plant and soil on top. Once inside, insert the cover to prevent water and soil seepage. Turn it upside down and add water.


I think the only thing they need to think  of next is colour variations. Prices vary from £8 – £35.

Photos courtesy of Boskke.


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