An eye for an eye

SOUTHBANK, LONDON – I walked along the Southbank, looked up and got an eye full! I know… but anyway, here’s the London Eye – a major tourist attraction. I’m yet to go.




Standard tickets are £17.28. A bit steep, no?


6 thoughts on “An eye for an eye

  1. Auuw that is a bit pricey for one ticket!
    It’s good to know, I’m going to London this summer with a friend ^_^
    Is there anything you would recommend?

    Hope you’re well!

    x Chellsy

    • Hey Chellsey. I guess it depends on what you like. There’s a ton here. I love the theatre. You could go see Les Mis or Phantom. In February I am going to see One Man, 2 Guvnors. Apparently it is very funny.
      As for museums, definitely go to the V&A. The British Museum is also free and worth a visit. Also, if you like art, go to the Tate Modern.
      And also go to a pub for a pub lunch. That’s a very local thing to do. A great food market is Borough market. Very cool. Hope you have a great time.

      • Thank you for all the tips you gave me!
        I can’t wait to go on vacation 🙂
        But before I go to London I’m heading off to Norway
        Do you travel alot love?
        I hope you’re well!

        x Chellsy ^_^

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