Tuck in, it’s proper burger time

LONDON –This past week, I went to Byron restaurant three times. I didn’t really plan it this way, but each time I was with friends and we needed a place to graze, Byron came to mind. I’m going running tonight to assuage the nagging guilt…I love Byron burgers so much. And so does a good friend. Each time she comes to London she begs me to take her there, and I oblige.


So what’s so good about Byron’s?


I grew up eating a lot of beef and I know good meat when I taste it. Where I’m from we typically bought hamburgers from a fast food chain called Steers – much more popular than McDonalds. They make fantastic hamburgers and have legendary fat chips which you can sprinkle with their chip spice! It’s so good.


So, I knew that coming to London, it might be hard to find a new hamburger supplier.


But a friend introduced me to Byron. We went on the afternoon of Christmas eve and I fell in love. I ordered the Byron hamburger and onion rings and have never looked back.


Now I feel like I’ve become somewhat of an evangelist when it comes to this restaurant. I’m happy to introduce this place to anyone and I think that if you’re coming to London and you like flame grilled hamburgers made from real beef, then you’ve got to go to Byron.


I think the popularity of this restaurant is testament to the fact that it’s quality. There is often a queue but don’t fret, it moves quite quickly.


I’m pleased to say that Byron restaurants are popping up all over London and each restaurant has its own unique décor.


But I think one of the key reasons why Byron works so well, is because they have a small menu. There’s really not much to choose from. They offer a handful of hamburgers and a few sides and drinks and desserts. It means that they’re able to focus and perfect their limited dishes which means you always know what you’re getting from Byron.


And I like that.


Okay, now for a bit of a reality check. Byron is not in the same league as McDonalds or Burger King and so it’s pricier. The classic burger is £6.75 and a cheese burger is £7.75. A side order of chips is £2.95 and onion rings (the best ever) are £2.95. You can probably have a meal there for about £12 or so. Yes, that’s a lot for junk food, but remember, it’s a gourmet burger.


If I have to convert you to any restaurant in London, it has to be Byron’s. It’s well worth the visit. I know you won’t be disappointed.

(Photos from Byron’s Facebook page)


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