I love Lily Vanilli’s cafe


On Sundays I think about going to Lily Vanilli’s café for lunch… I went there a few weeks ago when I first discovered Columbia Flower Market and had toasted cheese on brown bread with roasted vegetables. The no-fuss lunch has left a flavour lingering with me ever since. I headed back two Sundays ago. I stood in the line for a good ten minutes, sighing and tapping my fingers with the patience of Job as I watched their poor service yet again. They’re so oblivious to the bad way in which they run the kitchen and man the till. I’m often one to say something, but I decided to let it go as the young waitress gave me such a nice smile when she took my order, that it melted away my annoyance.

I asked for the same meal I had had previously, but was immediately told that it was ALL sold out, such is its popularity. Instead, I bought a sausage roll.

The sausage roll is an English food that’s typically a bit disgusting because you don’t know if it’s really made of meat or just the butcher’s leftovers – sort of like polony or hot dogs. It’s also very fatty and the lard sticks to your lips. But seeing as they looked so good, I went for it and wasn’t disappointed. This was probably the most honest sausage roll I’ve ever eaten in my life. There was real meat inside and it was full of flavour and low on grease.

I’m heading back to Vanilli’s soon. Yes, the service is a bit crap, but as it’s not a real sit down restaurant, you don’t have to put up with it for long. Once you get your food and you tuck in you’re happy.

While I waited in line I noticed they had a cookbook ‘Sweet Tooth’ which they are selling for £15 and the shop next door to them is selling for £20. Hmmm… Seems everyone has a cookbook these days. But perhaps it’s the season as Christmas is coming and books make such nice gifts. I browsed through the cookbook and I have to say that some of the recipes look amazing and made me want to grease up a cake tin and bake.

Whilst I keep eating their savoury food, Vanilli’s is actually best known for its baked goods and is popular with celebs. Next time I go, I’ll try something different again and indulge my sweet tooth. Here’s a great video showing the bakery and the owner, Lily Jones. You’ve got to go!


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