Property: Better homes than ours – Battersea

BATTERSEA – When I first came to London, I rented a room in Chelsea just along the Thames. The apartment was situated very close to Battersea Park and I often went there to run or go for a walk. It became a place of refuge too when I needed to recharge as it was very hard to find employment in London at the time as the recession was in full swing. And yesterday I was there again as I ran my second 10km race (it was a PB too). It was so beautiful with the Autumn colours. I highly recommend a walk in the park at this time of year.

I remember thinking that one day I would want to live in Battersea. “It’s too expensive,” said a friend when I told him my goal. It’s true, parts of it are very pricey as it’s a stone’s throw away from Chelsea. But I still do love the area and I’m keeping my goal.

I love the homes that surround the park. Some of them look like cupcakes with their pretty detail. I found this Victorian one, advertised by Savills on, recently and thought I’d give you a peek. It has expansive views of the park and a 48 ft garden to the rear.

Here is one of the three sitting rooms that overlook the park. I love some of the interiors, some really classy 1920s furniture. There are two balconies as well as a loft.

The dining room. I don’t love the colours, but it’s a great space.

Here is one of the six bedrooms. It’s very large for London and I love the fireplace too and the large windows that let in so much light. Most Victorian homes do not have built in wardrobes and these get added later by owners.

The bathroom has been modernised.

But the kitchen hasn’t. It leads to a conservatory, a popular way to add space to your home here.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the 48ft garden needs some work. You could really do something special with this space.

This property is on the market for £3,6 million. Do you think it’s worth it?


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