I want to live in an Anthropologie world

LONDON – I’m now in the habit of setting aside some money each month to go and shop at the always interesting American store, Anthropologie. To date, I’ve bought a bedspread, jersey (jumper), mugs, towels, stationery and several tops. I mostly love their home stuff.

Here’s my latest addition.

These plates are 70% off and retailing for £3.95. I only bought two as I have to keep an eye on my budget.

As I was eyeing these in the store a Mum and Daughter duo stood next to me handling them too. “Oh, these are nice,” said the Mum. (She’s got great taste too, I thought). But then the daughter replied: “I’ve seen better.” Hmm! Is my taste old fashioned? I don’t know. I still feel proud of my purchase.

I’d like to get some more (a set of ten is the number I aim for when buying plates and glasses etc.) and hopefully, when I return at the end of the month they’ll be discounted again. They might also be all gone…

A word of warning about Anthro (the store’s nickname). It’s pricey. It’s like they took the American prices, scratched out the dollar sign and printed a pound sign in its place. Fellow customers agree.

“Lovely stuff. But £18 for hair clips!” said a fellow shopper. I agree. I don’t know where they get their pricing from. I almost always shop the sales here. They’re pretty good at having sales often and that means you can feel a part of the Anthro lifestyle without breaking the bank.


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