Beware the high street sale sign

LONDON – Hmmm, not feeling so impressed with myself right now. It’s pay day today and for the past two weeks I’ve made a mental list of all the things I wanted to buy. First off was a new pair of shoes for work.

I bought these Kurt Geiger shoes today for £57 from the House of Fraser on a whim. They were 25% off and fitted well and looked great. I really do like them as they’re not too high and easy to walk in around the office.

But the bad news is, I’ve just found out they’re cheaper online! Gosh darn it. I love shopping the sales. I’m usually pretty good at it. But I’ve realised that perhaps it’s better to look online first…

But I want to make a point about shoe shopping in London for the professional woman. Being middle class here is different. You don’t have a car and so you travel on the public transport to and from work. Your shoes take a beating. To avoid this, you buy a pair of flats (these can be ballerina flats or simply tennis shoes) to get to work and then once you’re at the office, you change to some heels that you store under your desk.

I’ve been wearing my flats to work and throughout the day. It doesn’t look professional to say the least simply because my flats look worn. I don’t polish them enough.  So I’m finally relieved to have these at the office. My friend has seven pairs of shoes at the office that she stores in transparent plastic containers under her desk. I’ve got some catching up to do. I think I might want to get some nudes too – very Kate Middleton…

Do you have a similar shoe dilemma?


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