Stumbled upon: Limehouse parish church

LONDON – For a while now I’ve been passing the Limehouse Parish Church on the way to my own church each Sunday. It’s right on the busy Commercial Road in Limehouse and although it’s close to so much activity, there never seems to be anyone on the grounds or in the church.

I’ve been intrigued by this church for some time. On a few occasions I’ve tried to access the grounds but have had no luck. I finally found the entrance tucked away on a small lane.

As I entered, I saw this big blue door and steps leading up to it. It was closed shut. And still, no one was around.

I walked around the grounds that were covered in fallen leaves and saw this tree that seemed to have an odd shape.

I walked closer towards it, encircled the tree, and then saw this behind it.The triangular object looked a bit strange. I found no marketings or engravings. Just a hole underneath it where I think perhaps a fox lives.

Although there were a few tombstones scattered throughout the grounds, it looks like they have cleared most of them. Because around the entire outer wall of the church were gravestones stacked against each other and covered in moss and vine.

I looked up and smiled as I appreciated the full grand size of the church.

As I walked away, I kicked a few leaves and kept wondering, what was the triangular object? Looks like an odd shaped tombstone if that’s what it is. Perhaps it’s masonic.


6 thoughts on “Stumbled upon: Limehouse parish church

  1. Hi I found this snippet on another site about the triangle thing,

    “This part of Limehouse is spectacular, with some handsome early Georgian terraces, and a great Hawksmoor church, St Anne’s Limehouse (quirkily a pyramid that the great architect intended to place atop the church’s tower was for reasons now forgotten never erected and now stands in the graveyard).”


    I’d love to explore the grounds myself, sounds like a interesting place!

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