Portobello Road: crowded, touristy, but worth a once over

LONDON – When I first came to London two years ago, once of the first things I did was take a look at Portobello Road. On the day that I went, the market was closing for the day as I had arrived late. I only briefly saw a few stalls and shops. I actually hadn’t planned to return. The reason being I suppose, I didn’t feel like such a tourist any more and more of a local. This market is really aimed at tourists and boy do they come in the thousands.

But last weekend, I headed to Golborne Road in Notting Hill and when that proved disappointing, I walked from the one end of Portobello Road all the way up to the other end. It’s a couple of blocks but nothing you can’t handle. The crowds were enormous on the day I went. It was Saturday and sunny. But to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of interesting things and what also surprised me was the variety of food that made you want to forget about your waisteline. Apart from the outside stalls, there were also some interesting trinket shops as well as some well-priced antique shops. I saw a few items that, had I a car, I think I would have bought on the spot.

 I actually didn’t buy anything when I went, but I think if you did go, be aware that it’s a bit out of the way, there are crowds but there is plenty to keep you interested. Have you been to this market? Can you recommend any others in London?


6 thoughts on “Portobello Road: crowded, touristy, but worth a once over

    • Yeah, it’s definitely worth a visit. A lot of markets here are really great. If you do come make sure you go to Borough Market and Spitalfields Market. Next for me is Colombia Road flower market!!! I hear it’s amazing.

    • I know. I wish I had bought one too. But about half an hour before walking down Portobello Road I was at a pastry shop where I bought three different treats. It just didn’t feel right to go for a fourth!

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