How do you make Lady Gaga mad?

LONDON – I love quality ice cream. So I was more than happy when a friend said I should try out the ice cream parlour in Covent Garden which goes by the name of The Icecreamist. Their tag line is ‘agents of cool’ and their reviews go something like this:

‘this is the place for brilliant ice cream’

‘kings of ice cream, masters of controversy’

‘the ice cream the sex pistols tried to ban’

‘ditch the Ben & Jerry’s’

Hmm…that last one is hard to accept. I love Ben & Jerry’s because I love my ice cream complicated. But I was happy to try the ice cream, especially after I heard that Lady Gaga was threatening to sue them for creating a flavour originally called ‘Baby Gaga’ that uses real human breast milk.

I didn’t opt for that flavour. Instead I chose Dulce de leche and Ferroro Rocher.

Two scoops please! Both were fantastic. Smooth, creamy and with an addictive flavour that makes you want to go for seconds.

I’ll be honest. It’s not that cheap. As you can see, two scoops cost me just under £5…

But it was worth it. Got a favour ice cream shop or flavour?


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