London’s calling you

LONDON – I took a walk around London yesterday, and was thrilled to see all the energy and buzz that’s seeped into every corner of this city. People have really caught on to the Olympic spirit and as Team GB wins more medals, it seems like the energy is exponential.

Locals are also feeling…patriotic, which I think is a great thing. Even though I’m not British, I do feel a sense of pride to be able to be in London and to be a part of a city that’s legendary and hosting this amazing event.

Whilst I’m not overly into displaying national flags, I loved seeing these Union flags on display.

Here’s an interesting fact. The flag is only called a Union Jack when it’s on a ship, for all other mentions, it’s a Union flag. Even the television presenters seem to be getting this wrong.

Now here’s a flag I can get behind. I saw it on the Mall.

Hope you’re enjoying the Olympic Games. What’s been your favourite moment so far?


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