Yoor not Banksey

LONDON – Here are some photos of what’s caught my eye in London lately.

Last night I walked with a friend to St. Katherine’s Docks where the Danish hospitality house had been set up a  for the Olympics. To be honest, it didn’t seem like much of a party so we left as soon as we arrived, but not before I took this shot.

I thought this was funny. It’s down the road from me on the way to church. Particularly enjoyed the spelling error…yoor or you’re!

I love the colours in this piece of timber by St. Katherine’s Dock.

In Victoria Park village, two guys are selling these shirts and hoodies. If you look at the mannequin against the wall, the shirt says ‘1220 LYMP OICS’. The guys said that this is there way of protesting the draconian restrictions on using the Olympic logo.

Ahh…me and my public clocks. This one is in Victoria Park Village.


2 thoughts on “Yoor not Banksey

  1. Stunning images, again. Love the LYMPOIC T shirt! If you are in West Kensington at all you may wish to drop by and visit Billy No Mates cafe, set up by my son to ensure Olympic visitors can have a good cup of coffee. If you do drop by, say hi to Billy from Mum!

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