Show me the money

CANARY WHARF – It didn’t take long for the moneyed people to come to town. With the Olympics here, such events attract people from the upper echelons of society. As a result, we’ve had a few yachts sail in. They’re mostly docked in Canary Wharf, a short walk away. So I strolled over there and took a look for myself to see how the other half lives.

I can report, that they live very well.

Here is what Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, uses for his coast to coast travels.

It’s called the Octopus and comes with rooftop jacuzzis, blacked out windows and swimming pools.

Apparently, the Germans don’t like British hotels, so they are staying on their very own cruise ship.

And the Danish Royals also brought a barge called the Dannebrog.

Daily mooring rates cost between $3000 to $9000 during the Olympics. Small change for these guys.

Yes, the yacht life is the good life…


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