Lunch time outing

LONDON – I had to get out of the office today, if only for half an hour. I walked along King William Street and then took a right. Passed Mugen restaurant and then headed across London Bridge. This is what I saw.

The Shard…the newest building in make it’s mark on the London skyline.

And then, as I moved further along London Bridge, I turned to my left, and saw this…

It’s tower bridge with the Olympic rings! London is the place to be this Summer. Who’s looking forward to the Olympics? Me, me, me!


4 thoughts on “Lunch time outing

  1. London must be buzzing! Jubilee. Olympics. There must be a lot of British pride showing. I go back a few years but when Montreal hosted Expo 67 the world’s fair it was such an exciting time to be a Montrealer. It was a great summer and I hope yours is the same.

    • Thanks Lynne. That’s a very kind thing to say. I think it is going to be wonderful time for all of us. I might, just might, get to go to a game.

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