I love to go a wandering…in cemetaries

HENLEY – Headed to Henley again this weekend because I just needed some space from London. I’ve been in the city a long time now and it’s always good to have a breather. I find the countryside in England wonderful, especially when it’s sunny. There wasn’t much sun today, but it was still beautiful. Here’s a quick visual recap off a short detour I took to a cemetary.

Beautiful, right? Have you found a cemetary that impresses you?


4 thoughts on “I love to go a wandering…in cemetaries

      • Well, as I was explaining on one of my posts the other day… I like cemeteries because they mimic the construction of buildings and cities, and they reflect what is most important to the culture they inhabit and what different cultures perceive to be the best way to remember something…

        And I’m fascinated with the relatively universal impulse humans have to demarcate land in which to keep their dead. It’s a slightly weird impulse if you think about it.

      • I’ve photographed cemeteries in Budapest, Nice, Paris, Manchester, London, Rome and Australia… all of them are different… whenever I travel anywhere, I research the cemeteries in advance and insist (much to my travelling companions’ irritation) upon going there and taking photos.

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