Start your day right: the breakfast of champions

LONDON – Yes, breakfast is my favourite/most important meal of the day. I collect cereals and I love to try out new ones all the time. Just this week I bought a maize/corn cereal called Kreemy Meal. It didn’t go well when I tried it – the taste was dull and forgettable. I put it back on the shelf and decided to share it with guests who want to try something new. It will probably sit there for a long while and then I’ll throw it away when weavils have made their home inside the box.

But when I’m not eating cereals, I have to have a pastry. Now, I know you think you probably have to go to specialist bakery to get a great pastry. But as a well-fed Londoner, I can now tell you that this is simply untrue.

When it comes to picking out a nice fresh, warm pastry, I go to…

Yes, that’s right. I head to the supermarket. M&S has a great selection of pastries and I have tried many. They’re all pretty good.

But one that stands out for me is the pain au raisin. It’s a humble pastry filled with raisins and custard.

When you come to London, you have to try it. Got a favourite pastry?


4 thoughts on “Start your day right: the breakfast of champions

  1. Since you ve’ shown your love of pastry, then you need to taste some of Laduree pastry in Harrod. Laduree is a French patisseries shop and their shops are mostly in the London major high street. The one I have visited is in Harrod, only because Sylvere used to work there before. There is another in the Arcade just before Rits Hotel by Green Park.

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