On the paper trail

LONDON – I absolutely love stationery. Growing up, I used to write a lot of letters to my friend Kate in England and so collecting pretty stationery was something fun for me. To this day I still collect paper and I find it fun to pass on a Thank you note or letter to people. It’s so much nicer than a text or email. I’m sure you agree.

Well, I tell you, I almost burst with excitement when I stumbled upon this lovely shop. It’s called Prints – Swedish Design and can be found on St. Christopher’s Place.

As you step inside, you feel as though your walking into a rainbow.

The shop is arranged by colour. In each colour section you can find paper, notepads, calendars, diaries, journals, scrapbooks, albums etc in all shapes to suit your needs and budget. The variety was endless offering so much to explore.

I also enjoyed looking at the wrapping paper as they had some fun designs. I bought a sheet for £2.20. I’m going to us it for a friend’s baby shower! I can’t wait.

I spent a fair amount of time in this shop. There was a lot to oggle over and I look forward to going back in order to replenish my stationery supplies. Do you have a paper love too?


8 thoughts on “On the paper trail

    • I love paper too. There’s some wonderful stuff at this shop. I’ll be blog about another paper shop I found a few days ago in my neighbourhood.It’s quite amazing what they have. Stay tuned.

  1. My sisters and I have an obsession with stationery too! I am forever picking up random boxes of cards and cute notebooks when I come across them (not often, as my little ones render shopping an infrequent luxury). This shop looks like a dreamscape to me. Wish I could pop on over the pond and go there with you! TVB!

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