I’m seeing red

LONDON – Red is London’s colour. It’s everywhere and I love it.

You’re probably all familiar with this photo – the public telephone kiosk. It’s everywhere you go and although you can’t miss them – they were deliberately painted red for easy spotting – you’ll  never really see anyone using them.

This is because with the diaspora of mobile phones, people don’t really need to use them any more. I will tell you one thing though. If you peer inside one of them, you’ll see plenty of naughty pictures of women looking for clients!

But as I said, red is London’s colour and I can prove it.

This is a red letter box. They’re all red here.

So are the buses.

Even their food is red!

Their street signs and logos make use of the colour too.

And the men don’t shy away from the colour either.

And neither does the postman. Here’s his new mail cart. Although not everyone has been keen to use this upgrade.

I know a guy who likes the colour so much he even calls himself Red Ed.

Do you have any photos of Red London to share? Have I missed any important red objects?


7 thoughts on “I’m seeing red

  1. I would be following your blog as I love the city. Officially moved to the city September 2010 so I am still discovering a lot about it and it is very interesting city.

  2. ” Red is the best color to photograph” my photography instructor said more than once. You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful city where the most photogenic color is so prevelant. I’ve never been to London, but I loved getting a peak from your perspective! Thanks.

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