It’s not just the little piggy who goes to the market

LONDON – Last Christmas I spent a few weeks in New York and of all the purchases that I made, it was a random glass jug from Hell’s Kitchen flea market that has become the one thing I cherish the most from my experience abroad. Since then, I’ve become quite keen to explore antique markets locally to see what’s available.

With this in mind, my friend Heather invited me to join her at Spitalfields market in London. On the last Saturday of the month, it’s all about antiques. Take a look at what I found.

I thought this table would be perfect for some outdoor picnics in the back garden.

These chairs really appealed to me. They’re low and have a lot of character. It’s always nice to see that polka dots never go out of fashion.

There was plenty of bric-a-brac for antique lovers.

I’m constantly drawn to mustard yellow, although I still don’t own anything in this colour.

In my flat back home, I have a stack of suitcases too. I thought the bottom one was beautiful. It was going for £60.

See anything that you like here?

Plenty of vintage clothes to go around too.

What would you use these crates for?

You should probably know that the folks at this market are a bit fussy about people taking photographs of their goods. You actually have to ask before you snap away. One man promptly told Heather off. “Don’t just assume you can take photos,” he said sharply…

Did you see anything that you like? Do you want to go to the Spitalfields market too?


11 thoughts on “It’s not just the little piggy who goes to the market

  1. Yay! Welcome to blog world. I’ll look forward to reading your posts. You’re making me miss the London markets!! 🙂 I would love to get those suitcases. I loooove mustard yellow, too. Just got some yellow tights, in fact. You should post up a pic of your apartment sometime, so we can all enjoy your style.

    • YAY!!! My first comment. So excited to have you read my blog. I was very impressed with Spitalfields market. They’ve made it a pleasant place to look for fun stuff for your home. No sticky floors or dirty walls.

  2. I was actually thinking I need to put you in contact with a friend in the ward here. Her name is Lillian Billings. She works at this shop that specialises in vintage fabrics. There are a lot of shops like this in London that fill a specific niche and this is one of the fun things to explore. I’m going to go and look at her shop myself and I’ll feedback to you my thoughts. I also asked her to let me know what are the major antique shows in London and Europe. She says there is a major one in Maastricht (sp?) probably in March. I’ll let you know.

  3. Love the blog! I saw a wood pallet put up on a wall with picture frames inset into it. It warns really neat dimension. Ive also seen them turned into fido’s bed.

  4. Oh I’m so glad you are blogging!! Post lots and lots do I can live through you. I’m dying about your shopping day. What beautiful things!! How fun. Love the arm chairs the most. Are you loving it there??

    • London is a lot of fun and it’s hard not to like after a while. I’m also going to the Chelsea Flower show later this year. Jealous? It’s a major thing here in London and I can’t wait.

  5. I read this with mixed feelings. SO happy that places like this exist. SO happy you are going and enjoying yourself. So sad I’m not there.

  6. Why don’t they have anything like this in Utah?!?! I loved everything you photographed and it made me want to visit London even more than I already do…and that’s a lot!

    P.S. I miss you 🙂

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